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The West Geauga High School Web Page Team is continuing to evolve. The site is now being updated by three sections of Web Page Development class. We now have many experienced students that continue to help develop our site.

We meet five days a week and we are continuing our efforts to make our high school site dynamic, content-rich, and worth visiting.

This web site in itself was launched in 1998 Under the Direction of Pete Allen as the Webmaster. When the page was started it was considered a extracurricular activity. Then the page was not worth anything more than an 'experience' on ones resume. Now the class is considered part of the school's curriculum..The latest version of our template was created by Mike Kaminski with the help from the rest of our team. Special thanks goes out to our current web team leaders: Julia Petrac (Webmaster), Carlie Kosley(Webmaster), Tori Ridgway, Mary Anderson, Andy Bryan, Bryan Polan, Colton Crowl, Collin Ernst and Nick Cuthbert.

The goal of this class is to learn new skills and incorporate those skills into making West G's site the BEST!

What's New:

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